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What’s real Estate have to do with healthcare?

For over 25 years I am a Real Estate Broker, Mortgage Broker and Registered Nurse Specializing in All things Real Estate, Many things Nursing and Some things that just Help You get to your final goals.

I, along with my amazing team, help you Successfully Buy, Sell or Refinance Real Estate. From 1st time buyers to savvy investors, I specialize in working with Seniors and HealthCare workers and I Truly UNDERSTAND how medical needs directly impact the home buying process!

The result is Happy Home Owners, Grateful Sellers, Relieved Family members whom I helped with housing, health and medical dilemmas, several online courses, speaking engagements and a growing community of like-minded “way-showers” on a quest to having it all.


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Niki educates others

Did you know that over half the population is living life not knowing they are acting out unconsciously their past trauma responses?

Niki helps make the real estate transcation as smooth as can be, while also at times, educating her clients and other Realtors about behaviors affecting the deal.



Over 25 yers of Experience in Buying, Selling and Refinancing. I have pretty much seen it all and can help you whether you are a first-time homebuyer or savvy investor! My specialty is difficult financing and getting self-employed borrowers an amazing loan both in California and Florida.

What Is the Fideicomiso?

What is the fideicomiso? If you are going to purchase property in Mexico, you need to know the ins-and-outs of this important document. Simply put, the fideicomiso is a long-term irrevocable bank trust. A Mexican fiduciary bank holds the title to the property and...

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Home Buyer Fatigue IS REAL!

Home Buyer Fatigue IS REAL!

Ron and Kathy Kern began looking in earnest for their forever home this past spring when their youngest child finished college. The couple hoped to trade their two-story, four-bedroom house in the Indianapolis suburbs for a smaller, one-floor ranch where they could...

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Buying A Home During Covid?

Buying A Home During Covid?

The economy was strong, unemployment was extremely low and then… boom! Worldwide pandemic! The COVID-19 pandemic has turned nearly everything upside down, and most economists agree that we are in the midst of a devastating recession caused by the coronavirus....

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