Your Next Step When It Comes To Housing For Your Aging Parents

Evolving Real Estate to Higher Levels


What’s Real Estate Got to do with healthcare?


I am a Real Estate Broker and Registered Nurse Specializing in All things Real Estate, Many things Nursing and Some things that just Help You get to your final goals. I, along with my amazing team, help you Successfully Buy, Sell or Refinance Real Estate. From 1st time buyers to savvy investors, I specialize in working with Seniors and HealthCare workers and Truly UNDERSTAND how medical needs directly impact the home buying process!

The result is Happy Home Owners, Grateful Sellers, Relieved Family members whom I helped with housing, health and medical dilemmas, several online courses, speaking engagements and a growing community of like-minded “way-showers” on a quest to having it all.


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Retreat: If You’re Not OK, They’re Not OK…

Are you in a helping profession? Others depend on you? Take a Healing Journey to rejuvenate yourself so you can help others by being totally rested and refreshed!

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